Floor Sanding Essex, London, Surrey, Brighton & Sussex. Welcome to the Absolute Floor Sanding & Refinishing services gallery! Here you will find a picture of a wood floor that looks similar to your own, whether it’s in your home or commercial property. Keep looking, and you're sure to see a picture of how your wooden floor could look after a professional transformation completed by our expert team.

Our Work Is Our Art - Perfection 100%

All the images featured on our gallery are real pictures of real projects our team have personally worked on, supplied here with permission from each of our satisfied customers. We take pride in our work, so we’re pleased to have this gallery available to all our prospective customers without having to use stock images taken from the internet. We hope you’ll find these pictures inspiring, especially when comparing the “before and after” photos which give you an accurate vision into our professional work.

When it comes to wood floor sanding and refinishing serviceswe like to think we have it nailed!

Floor Sanding Essex, London & The Surrounding Areas

Our selection of pictures is not limited to the featured images on our gallery page. If you check out our Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram accounts, you will most definitely find a wood floor sanding project that looks similar to your own. We like to include pictures from before, during and after floors have been refinished, wherever possible. Fortunately, we’ve worked on hundreds of successful projects; so there are many to browse through. Choose one to suit your floor.

Upgrade Or Brand New Floor

Whether you’re looking for an upgrade to your current wood flooring or need someone to install a brand new one for you, look no further than the team at Absolute Floor Sanding & Refinishing. If you like what you see on our gallery page or you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss your requirements and provide a highly competitive quote.

As well as sanding and refinishing wood floors, we also hire out professional wood floor sanders. Absolute Floor Sanding and Refinishing, sands all types of wood floors, from pine strip floors to oak herringbone, using the latest dust-free sanding technology. We believe not all wood floor sanding is equal. Anyone can hire a wood floor sander and give it a go themselves, but we go the extra mile to sand your wood floor to the highest standard.

When it comes to refinishing, we offer a wide range of services in and around the Essex & London area. We are based in Essex but cover all the surrounding areas. Also, we specialise in all aspects of commercial wood floors in churches, schools, hotels, offices and much more.

Our highly trained floor sanders are all protected by our public liability insurance.

We pride ourselves on completing all projects on time and budget, resulting in high-quality floor sanding and refinishing.

Why not check out Absolute Floor Sanding's price page to get a competitive quote on all your wood floor sanding and refinishing needs?

Our Prices Remain Firm & Fair

No extras added on at the end of the project.

We understand that you might find a cheaper floor sander from another company, there are many "have a go hero's" out there!

However, with the prices we quote, we are quite confident you will not find a more professional, reliable, or high-quality wood floor sanding and refinishing service in Essex, London or the surrounding area's.

Floor Sanding Essex - London

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