About our pricing policy

Our firm Price For Sanding Wood Floors is our guarantee. We pride ourselves on being professional, straightforward and precise when it comes to our transparent pricing system. All our prices are firm; this means the prices you see here are a sure indication of how we calculate our quotes. However, you can arrange a free on-site visit with a team member rather than provide the required measurements over the phone or by email; the quote you receive is the exact price you'll pay at the end.

We understand that our clients expect a pristine finish once the floor sanding services are complete. For this reason, we will only use Osmo, Bona, Junkers and other top brands of equipment and supplies.

Absolute Floor Sanding - Our Promise To You

We offer an exceptional floor sanding service with unparalleled expertise for every project we undertake. Furthermore, this covers all commercial and domestic property in our region, including London, Brighton, Sussex, Essex and Surrey.

All our staff are highly trained with years of experience in domestic and commercial wood floor sanding and refinishing. Also, we ensure our entire team is consistently professional and friendly throughout any project.

We have the appropriate public liability insurance in place for your peace of mind. However, if you have any questions regarding what we cover in our prices, don't hesitate to contact us for more information.


Want The Best Firm Price For Sanding Wood Floors?

See below, then call the office for more information.

Floor Sanding

All preparation work is covered in the price, including nail punching, staple removal and securing down of any loose boards. We can also fit new joists if required.
£20 Per M2

Floor Sanding And Refinishing

All preparation is also included, as with our floor sanding service, plus refinishing with a clear wax, varnish or oil. This is available in matt, satin or gloss finishes.
£26.50 Per M2

Resin Gap Filling

During the sanding process, we mix the resin and dust taken from your floors to fill all gaps, cracks and holes, adding a clean finish to the entire floor.
£7 Per M2

Fire Hearth Removal

For a set price we can completely remove any hearth, including concrete, and fully prepare the area for any new wooden flooring to be fitted.
£175 Per Fire Hearth

Carpet Removal

We offer a set price for the first room, plus a discounted rate for multiple rooms. This includes removing underlay and gripper rods where necessary.
£110 First Room
£40 Per Room Thereafter

WC/Bath Removal

Preparation work is all covered in the price, including nail punching, staple removal and securing down of any loose boards. We can also fit new joists if required.
£90 Per Hour

Wood Slither Gap Filling

We can fill the vast majority of gaps with wood slithers, and for any other cracks or small holes we use resin filler to give your floor a smooth finished look.
£13 Per M2

Stair Sanding

We charge per step for stair sanding, with our basic price including one step and one riser, so you can easily calculate the estimated cost for any full staircase.
£42 Per Stair

Floor Stain

We have a wide range of floor staining options for you to choose from, and our team will select the best option based on your desired colour.
£8 Per M2

Our Firm Price For Sanding Wood Floors - *All Prices Subject To VAT